Mini Garden 14W 850lm 4000K

Mini Garden 14W 850lm 4000K

The LED mini grow garden is the perfect way to grow plants indoors all year round. Our special LED grow light is a full-spectrum lamp that is specially designed to grow indoors. This compact model with its timeless design is a fully functional mini garden, equipped with LEDs with a brightness of 850Lm that use only 14W energy, 10x less than a normal HPS grow light would use. This environmentally friendly and energy-saving mini garden has a built-in timer that ensures that the LEDs stay on for 16 hours and then go on for 8 hours, an effective imitation of a natural day-night rhythm.
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Light Features

Color rendering index (CRI) 80-89
Color of light White
Color temperature 4000|4000 K
Lumen 850 lumen


Material housing Plastic
Mounting method Stand (base)
With lamp Yes
Lamp type LED not exchangeable
Voltage type AC
Color housing White
Protection class II
Material cover Plastic, transparent


Type of luminaire Desk luminaire
Nominal voltage 220|240 V
System power 14.00 watt
Power factor 0.50


Input current 115 milliampere

Energy Consumption

Energy efficiency class of built-in lamp A++, A+, A (LED)


Packing weight 2.22 kilogram
Product weight 1.88 kilogram
Product length 480 millimeter
Product width 213 millimeter
Product height 400 millimeter
Packing height 43 cm
Packing length 50 cm
CBM of master packing 0.14664
Master packing width 52.00 cm
Master packing height 47.00 cm
Master packing length 60.00 cm
Master packing weight 21.00 kg
Quantity in master packing 10
Pallet weight 20.40 kg
Quantity on pallet 80



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